Municipality Cerkije in Gorenjska region – SL

Municipality Cerkije was involved in many structural funds projects and inter-regional cooperations related to different fields of economic development. Quite a few of these projects were in connection with future activities of an ‘Airport City’, airLED’s focused concept, e.g. the spatial planning of an airport catchment area business zone. In the light of the above Municipality Cerkije is considered an experienced partner with practical knowledge on how to work together with partners for the benefit of a whole partnership.


Airport Jozeta Pucnika Ljubljana is located in Municipality Cerkije (80%) and in the neighborhood municipality Sencur (20%). The airport is one of the most important economic entity in the municipality, in the region and in Slovenia as well, as it is the one and only national airport in the country. It is a key stakeholder in all local development projects including such major enterprises as airport development. Because of this, Municipality Cerkije’s involvement in the project was obvious not only to provide regional support for project’s activities but also to ensure project implementation and the endorsement of the results thereof.


Municipality Cerkije will allocate 5 people with comprehensive experience and significant practice in cooperating with other partners in transnational projects. These experts will work exclusively on the implementation of the project. From a financial point of view the municipality stands on a secure economic ground, which makes it possible for them to provide the co-financing necessary for the participation in the project. Municipality Cerkije is responsible for overall development of the area located within the municipality borders: spatial planning, rural and economic development, infrastructure development and for the elaboration of documents/strategies related to all that. The territory governed by Municipality Cerkije is part of Gorenjska Region and as such it is a member of the Regional Development Council. This will ensure the facilitation of the endorsement process in the region, for which Municipality Cerkije has been involved in the partnership. As key actor in the implementation of local/regional strategies and the actual actions thereof it will contribute to the project with its experience on incentive management of the endorsement process.