Municipality of Vecsés Town – HU

The Municipality participated in a number of transnational cooperation projects with the main objective to improve the knowledge and competency of local and regional policymakers (decision makers, civil servants, etc.), to facilitate the deployment of coherent and value added strategic policies. The Municipality is experienced in applying for EU funds as well, mostly in the theme of renewable energy, which shows its commitment to environmental issues that play a significant role in airLED project as well.


The Municipality is the public authority of Vecsés Town and it is an important logistical junction in the southeast area of Budapest. Vecsés has the great advantage of being close to Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport and its facilities, which have tremendous effect on the city development. Vecsés authority would like to align the city investments on the long run as integrated part of the region’s development together with the development capacities of Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport. The Municipality will allocate all the management and financial resources to provide the appropriate realization of the airLED project. There will be a project manager appointed for the overall coordination of the project and the financial management will be taken over by the municipality’s financial department. The Municipality will consider all Programme rules regarding the co-financing obligation and necessary budget shall be precisely provided.


It has a lot of experiences and competences in EU proposal writing, preparation and implementation of technical progress reports and financial accounts. The municipality developed excellent relationships with a lot of regional enterprises, professional organizations, FLCs and international partners when being in charge of organizing international seminars for dissemination purposes, such as to demonstrate good practices. The lessons the Municipality learnt while performing these tasks will be there to support the whole consortium.